Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School's Out (and Softball)

The kids finished up their school year last Friday.  It's hard to believe Lexi will be a 4th grader and the twins will be in 1st grade.  They had a good year.  I'm especially impressed with the fact that Cami and Griffin can both read simple books now.  They know some words by sight, but are doing really well sounding out words they don't know.

In softball news, due to weather, holidays, and our varsity team in semi-state, each of the girls has only had one game in the last two weeks.  Cami had one solid hit and played first base, fielding a couple of balls.  Lexi also had a hit, and made it to third before the end of the inning.  Cami has 1 or 2 more games, and Lexi has 1 plus the tournament. 

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