Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nearing the Finish Line for Basketball

Lexi's team had two sets of games, but due to being sick, Lexi only played in one set. During the 7th grade game, which they won by 30, Lexi scored 4 points (2 free throws and a fast break lay-up). She played with confidence and hustled on both O and D. She also tried another left-handed lay-up that just rolled off the rim. She has a couple games this week. In addition, she is practicing hard for the annual cheer night at the high school varsity game.

Griffin's team played 3 games; one regular game and two as part of a tournament. They actually played (and beat pretty badly) the same team in the regular game and the first game of the tournament. They ended up second, losing a game where the team just couldn't get many shots to fall. In the two wins, Griffin was a defensive maniac. He is playing more confidently with the ball, and in the first win, I saw pure joy on his face as he played. It was just one of those nights, even though none of his shots fell. In the tournament, he made a nice steal, fast break, crossover from right to left, lay-up move; and attempted another fast break lay-up from the right hand side (his coach was extremely complimentary about his effort to go with his weak hand, rather than force it to his strong hand). In the loss, he didn't play a bunch, but gave it his all, scrambling for every loose ball, trying a shot from the free throw line, and harassing his man on D. He has one more regular season game, and then another tournament this week before his season ends.

Cami had two games, both of which they lost. In the first, her team lost in OT to a 6th grade B team from a much larger school. Several of her opponents were at least 6 inches and 40 lbs bigger than Cami, but she held her own. She did a nice job on offense, controlling the ball, while playing good D. She also made one of her two free throw attempts. The team struggled in the second game. Cami did an okay job on both ends, but did not score. She has three games coming up this week. She also had a volleyball tournament. Her team finished pool play and then the facility lost power (along with several others in the area). We didn't win either pool game, but the team did a nice job against good competition, playing 3 of the 4 games really close. Cami had some nice serves and passes. She now has a few weeks off from tournaments, with just practice. The next tournament is in March.

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