Sunday, February 18, 2018

One Season Ends with a Championship

Griffin's basketball season ended this week with a game/scrimmage and a tournament. Because of circumstances out of our control, the last regular season game was turned in to a glorified scrimmage against a travel team. Griffin did okay, hustling on both ends, forcing turnovers, and tying up loose balls. The team did not win the scrimmage, however. As far as the tournament, Griffin's team were the champions. He played great in both games, and what became pretty standard for him, he created some havoc, grabbed loose balls, forced jump balls, grabbed a couple of rebounds, and made some nice passes, particularly inbounds passes. He also had several shots, but they did not fall. His best move was a steal into a fastbreak that just missed. He was pretty excited to win a trophy. I'm really proud of how much Griffin improved over the course of the season. I'm excited to see how much better he is going forward into next year.

Lexi had a couple of sets of games. The first set wasn't great, with both teams losing. Lexi played okay, getting some rebounds and getting off a couple of shots. The second set went much better, with both teams betting our rival pretty badly. Lexi had a couple of steals that turned into shots, but they didn't fall. In the 8th grade game, she turned a loose ball into a basket and then scored another one. She hustles and keeps improving, with her confidence being the key. Her season ends this week with two games and a tournament.

Cami's team played and won three games this week. She scored in two of them (I think a total of 6 points). She handles the ball, gets steals, fights for loose balls, and grabs rebounds. I think she scored on a fast break once, and with short jump shots the other two times. She is getting better each time out, and its fun to watch. Her season ends this week with two games. Additionally, she had volleyball practice (her next tournament is still a couple of weeks away).

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