Saturday, February 24, 2018

Basketball Season(s) Comes to an End

Cami's team had two games this week. The won one and lost one (on a shot with under 30 seconds left). Cami scored a basket in each game. She played good defense, made good passes, grabbed a few rebounds, and had some steals. She is a little stat stuffer. She grew and improved a bunch during her various seasons this year, and I'm excited to see how things go for her next year. I also really enjoyed watching her team play because of the joy and excitement they always played with. Cami also has volleyball practice as the team is a couple weeks away from their next tournament.

Lexi's season also came to an end with two sets of games (the won both in the first set, lost both in the second set) and a pair of tournament games (also both losses). Lexi scored a couple of baskets and also made a free throw this week. She had a few rebounds (including a put back attempt that resulted in the free throw). She also had a nice steal that led to a fastbreak and another shot (it was blocked). Additionally, she tied up several loose balls that resulted in jump balls. I'm really proud of her growth this year. Several times, her coach from last year commented that she made some plays this season that she would not have been able to make last year. Her confidence also grew.

Next up for us is track, which all three kids will be doing together. Practice starts this week.

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