Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back to the Sporting Life

After a rather slow week for the kids (at least this season), they were back at it. Lexi had two tennis matches. In the first one, she and her partner lost. In the second, she played singles and the beat the 2nd singles player from the other team 6-1. She was excited and so were we. She is still playing the equivalent of JV, but is getting better each and every day. She was also selected as the Royal Pride Athlete of the Week after being nominated by her coach. She has at least one (might have a second) match this week, in addition to the weekly cheerleading at the middle school football games.

Griffin also had two games, with one being a make-up. The team did not do so well in the first game. Griffin played a bit at LB but was not able to be involved in any tackles. The second game went a lot better. We still ended with a loss, but it was a close game and the boys played much better. Griffin again played LB, and was able to get himself near the action. He's still trying to bring himself to hit someone, rather than just get in a pile, but he is getting better and still having fun. The next game is Saturday.

Cami's team won both games in close fashion, maybe by a run or two. She went 2-4, while knocking in a couple of runs and scoring once. She also nearly ran a girl down while playing third base. She thought that was pretty cool.  He last double-header is next Saturday.

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