Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Latest

Lexi had two basketball games, both of which her team lost. She did get to play in both games, though. She had an assist in the first game, and a rebound in the second. She is continuing to grow in confidence with the ball, and made several nice inbounds passes (including her assist). She nearly had a couple more rebounds as well, but wasn't quite strong enough. More games to come next week. She also cheered once last week, and is hoping to pull off the "double" on Monday, where she would play a game in one gym, then change and head to another gym to cheer (last boys home game).

In addition to her athletic activities, Lexi also had a choir competition this week. She sang a solo and was part of three ensembles. Each of her performances earned a Gold rating. She was really excited and we're very proud.

Cami had her first volleyball tournament. The team finished 2-3 overall, but actually did a really nice job. Cami had fun, and it was entertaining to watch her serve, hit, and return serves. She still has a bunch to learn, obviously, but she got better with each game.

Griffin's rec league team won again, by a point. He made a nice basket around the free throw line, took several more shots, had some rebounds, a couple steals, and tied up the ball, as well. His coach mentioned how he thought Griffin was making good decisions with the ball, not forcing something but passing the ball out and resetting the offense. He also complimented Griffin's ball handling.

Griffin's travel team got the opportunity to play two more games, kind of a consolation for not being in the top 4 tournament. They won both games in blowouts. Griffin played a bunch, got several rebounds, made a few good passes (including at least one assist), took a bunch of shots that all just missed, and played his usual hustle defense. The team has one last tournament in February.

More of the same coming up next week.

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