Monday, September 9, 2013

The Ugly Side of Flag Football

Tonight's game was a manhandling.  Griffin and his teammates played tough and gave great effort, but were run over by a team with several very large 2nd graders.  Multiple kids were taken to the ground at the end of blocks, including Griffin.  There was shoving in the back, wrapping arms around necks, and one peel-back block on a touchdown that might have drawn a penalty in the NFL.  The other team also celebrated every score with multiple chest bumps, and I heard there kids trash talking (You better watch out for 54; hey butthole; etc.).  I finally got fed up and started telling the other coaches that it was ridiculous.  There defense? That's what happened to them last game, it was there first win, and they have the smallest team in the Greenfield league (not true, and easy to see when looking over at the next field).  It was a poor display of sportsmanship.  I'm very proud of our team, and Griffin in particular.  Next game on Saturday.

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