Saturday, September 10, 2016

An Interesting Week aka More Rain

This was another week that saw some interesting weather impacting the kids' activities.

Lexi had two tennis matches (an invitational was rained out). She played 3rd singles in the first one, and lost. However, she was very excited and felt that playing singles helped her improve. She also played a doubles exhibition match that day, and won. In the next meet, she played 1st doubles, and she and her partner won. At this point, I have no idea how the team overall is doing, but Lexi is getting better everytime out, and is seeing success fairly consistently. She has a match or two this coming week. The football games she cheers at were canceled due to weather, but there will be another this week.

Cami had her first fall softball game. Her team lost, but she did get a hit. I'm not sure if she had any fielding chances (Griffin had practice at the same time). Today, she participated in the fall softball clinic, with an eye on improving her hitting. She has a game (maybe two) next Saturday.

Griffin's team lost their game, after a rain-shortened week of practice. He played a series on defense and was involved in making a couple of tackles. Offensively, this was a rough game, as there was very little success as a team. This week he has two games (one a weather make up): Wednesday and Saturday. We are hopeful for a better showing.

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