Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch Out World Cup!

It was a banner morning for the soccer playing Knights, Cami and Griffin.  Their team, the Blueberries (they have sky blue jerseys) engaged in a ferocious match against the pea-green team.  Over the past three weeks, Griffin has contributed a goal each game, and Cami has come close to scoring a couple of times but has been unsuccessful thus far.  Well, today that all changed.  Cami got on the board early when she kicked off from midfield and went unchallenged straight down the field to score a goal.  It was the first of her career and she wasn't really sure how to act.  She eventually gave her coach a low ten.  She scored again soon after, and the Blueberries, led by Cami, were winning when the first shift change occured.  Griffin ran out on the field, and after initially misfiring a few times (those darn angles; geometry SUCKS!!!) he put his fourth of the season in.  Score: Knights 3, Pea-Green 1 (or so).  In the second half, Cami continued the onslaught, scoring her third goal of the game.  Not to be outdone, Griffin scored again, as both he and Cami were on the field together for the first time this season.  They were taken out (in order to show mercy on pea-green I guess), and their goal total remained at five.  I now need to teach them the proper way to celebrate a soccer goal: the airplane (arms out to the side, running around like a fool, swaying back and forth); the belly slide (self-explanatory); the Brandi Chastain (take off your shirt, run, slide on your knees, lean back and scream at the sky); and the fall-down-and-act-like-you've-been-attacked-flop (the French way of playing soccer).  I voted Griffin Man of the Match and Cami Woman of the Match.  Now if only I could find a sponsor for them, or some kids channel stupid enough to want to make a show about our lives.

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