Saturday, June 30, 2012


We just wrapped up a fun week of VBS.  Cami and Griffin finished their last summer of "pre" activities and will be joining the big kid groups next year.  Lexi finished her last official VBS, but will be a helper with Trisha next year (possibly slide in to a group because her parents are volunteering).  Trisha was the craft organizer, and I was her able-bodied assistant.  We did a bunch of neat experiments this year, rather than actually make things.  The theme was "Sky" and trusting God, so all the projects linked in.  My favorite was mixing fizzy tablets with hot water in a small, lidded container.  The fizz created a gas and popped the lids off, some close to 15 feet high.  The week ended with a balloon drop from the ceiling of the gym.  It was pretty cool to see around 1000 balloons falling to the floor at once.  All in all, it was a good week and many kids were taught about God, his sacrifice for them, and his love and grace.

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