Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Night of Fright - A story by Lexi

Lexi wrote the following story after we had a power outage and storm Saturday night.

The Night of Fright (True Story) by Lexi Knight

On a rainy Saterday night my sister and I were watching T.V.  Then I got out of bed to get my sister her cup so she could take a drink.  Then out of no where she asked "Lexi why did you turn the T.V. off?" "What"? I said so I pressed the power butten and the T.V. turned off. Cami and I ran down stairs and told my dad and he said look at my t.v. I know. After a few minits my dad put us to bed and sang to us.

I was laying in bed when a bright light came through my window and it was lightning it was so sudden I jumped and fell asleep. In the midel of the night I woke up and my room was pitch black exept for a little bit of light from the crack in my door. I got out of bed to tell my dad he said to go to sleep I tossed and turned and finall I fell asleep.

I woke up again at 3:08 and right befor my eyes my fan and night light turned on and my mom came in and fixed my clock and said good night. And I thought What a fright night.

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