Saturday, June 22, 2013

House of Heroes Concert

Yesterday we picked Lexi up from church camp, "Princess Camp" edition.  She learned a lot about how much God loves her, how she needs to choose a "prince" (Jesus or Satan), why to dress modestly (boys fill in the picture, gasp!), and other valuable lessons about being a daughter of God.  She had a blast.

We also took the kids to a free concert on the way home, headlined by House of Heroes.  They are Christian guys with several albums out, and they rock.  Lexi in particular enjoys their music.  The concert was in a small lodge in a park in Anderson. After a cool opening act, Curt Anderson, we heard Come Wind.  They really weren't very good, some kind of experimental prog-rock, sung mostly in falsetto.  Also, they didn't have much interaction with the audience. 

Finally, House of Heroes came on.  They played for about an hour and a half.  They mostly played songs from their new B-Side album, which included a cover of "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" by the Beatles (they did a good job).  They also played some from several of their other albums, including one of my favorites "Remember the Empire".  Check out the video below.  The twins were asleep with about 20-30 minutes left in the show; I'm not sure how, as it was so loud we needed ear plugs.

We enjoyed the show and are glad to have Lexi home.  Now we are gearing up for VBS next week.  Oh, and Griffin went to basketball camp last week as well.  It was fun watching him improve his skills.

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