Sunday, April 26, 2015

First week of Baseball/Softball

Cami and Griffin had their first games this week, in and around all our rain and wind.

Cami's team won, 3-2 (I think). It was a pretty tight game. Cami was 1-2, with a single. She eventually made it around to 3rd, but did not score. She didn't really have any balls hit to her at shortstop, but was involved in a relay once. Her second game was rained out.

Griffin's team tied, 4-4 (time limit and darkness). This is his first year (and most of his team's) of kid pitch, so there were a lot of walks and strikeouts. Griffin went 0-3, but got a little more confident with each at-bat. He played in the outfield and didn't have any chances.

Yesterday, because of rain, Trisha and I took the twins to a batting cage (Lexi was at a friend's house). It was cool watching them begin hitting better. They had a good time, and hopefully their hitting will carry over into practice and the games.

In addition to sports, this week Lexi has a piano recital, playing with other kids at a local nursing home.

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