Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sports Update

Lexi had her first tennis match of the year. She competed in an exhibition doubles match against another team from Eastern Hancock. She and her partner won (8-2, I think). Lexi did a really good job, particularly with her serves. She had several aces. The team won the overall match, as well.  It also looks like she will be able to compete against a team from another school this week. Additionally, she cheered for both the 7th and 8th grade football games, and I was able to see a little bit. She did a really good job. She has a natural talent for being loud and encouraging.

Cami had another double header. Her team split the games, but Cami did an awesome job. She had 3 hits, 3 runs, and 3 RBIs. She played SS, 3rd, and outfield. She also had a nice defensive play, aggressively fielding a ball at SS and throwing a runner out at 1st. She has a double header again next Saturday.

Finally, Griffin's team lost. It was a close games, and the boys played better for the whole game. Unfortunately, a few big plays cost us. Griffin played a handful of plays at LB and was on one kick-off team play. He is learning to be more aggressive and it gravitating toward the ball more. He even got his first "injury" - he had a player come at him at LB and Griffin got in the way, but was knocked down. In the process, his arm was stepped. After a sitting out a bit, he was able to tough it out and play some more. He also has another game next week.

We finished up the week by attending the Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts game. It was a good time, and we got to see the Bears win.

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