Sunday, October 4, 2015

Run to the Championship

Lexi did not end up having another match, due to members of the opponent going to choir rather than the meet. She had a blast playing tennis, and improved in skill and self-confidence over the season. Saturday, the middle school athletes also participated in a day of service, doing various projects at the school. She also cheered this week, and has one final football game this week.

Griffin's team went on an exciting run to the championship game. They won their first game soundly, and Griffin was able to get in, mixing it up in the middle at linebacker. The semi-final game saw the team upset the undefeated and top-seeded team, 8-0. Our kids showed class and sportsmanship as the other team began playing dirty when they saw their season slipping away. All our kids hit and tackled extremely well, including Griffin. Thursday night, the team played under the lights at Greenfield High School, against another team that had beaten them pretty good earlier in the season. With our players going down left and right, the team held off a last minute drive to finish regulation in a tie. The game went to triple overtime, with our team coming up a foot short of tying it again. Griffin did a solid job, and played a snap at wide receiver as well as his typical linebacker spot. I was extremely proud of Griffin and the whole team. They played over their heads and as a team, and showed tremendous sportsmanship in the midst of a heartbreaking loss.

Trisha and I finished the week by playing duck-pin bowling with the staff and spouses from her counseling office.

With the fall season ending, we have a couple of weeks before we head into basketball. Whew!

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