Sunday, November 15, 2015

Basketball Update

We are in full-blown basketball mode at the Knight house. Lexi is cheering for the middle school games and playing in her own every Saturday.  Her team has won their last two games, each by one point. They are now 2-1. She hasn't scored yet, but has taken some shots. She is a pretty good defender and is improving in other areas as well.

Cami started practice this week, and will be starting games soon.

Griffin's travel team went 1-1 last Sunday. Today, his team went 2-0. They got to play in the Hoosier Gym (the home gym for the Hickory Huskers in the movies Hoosiers). He has taken a few shots, and today he played excellent defense, getting a couple of steals. He also brought the ball up court after getting rebounds, as well. He does a good job, and his skills are improving a lot. He also started school ball practices this week, with games to follow in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to see how the fundamentals and competition from travel transfer to school ball. I expect him to play with more confidence as his seasons progress.

As you can see, its all about hoops for us for the next several months.

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