Sunday, December 6, 2015

All Games, All the Time

This weekend marked the first time this year all 3 kids had basketball games, and its how things will be going for the next couple of months.

Cami got things going with a steal and layup attempt on the opening tip of her game. She said her coach had been calling the steal-master, and she was. Several times she stole the ball off the dribble from the girl she was guarding. She even scored her first basket of the year. In addition, she passed the ball well and got a rebound or two. Her team won by 20, so it was a successful first game.

Lexi, limping from a bruised knee, powered through her game. She played good D, got some rebounds, and took a few shots, though none fell for her. Unfortunately, her team lost.

Griffin had his first rec league game, and he played great! He was a whirlwind on defense, and was very involved on offense. He did a really good job bringing the ball up court, and scored 4 points, just missing on a couple of other shots. It was clear how much playing travel ball is helping him. Unfortunately, there wasn't as much success during travel ball. The team lost both games, but was competitive in both. Griffin had several shots that just wouldn't fall (that was the story for the team, as well). He played well on defense again, getting several steals, causing a few, tying up some loose balls, and snagging a couple of rebounds. He is quite the annoyance on defense, always getting in his man's face when he has the ball.

So this was the first of many basketball weekends for the Knights. It was fun for us, and successful for the kids.

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