Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Two of our Spring Sports Odyssey

Because of rain, our week of activities was actually shortened, but the kids still kept us busy and entertained.

Lexi only had one meet this week (which they won), and she ran the 100m and 200m, and long jumped. She did a very good job and is continuing to learn more and improve during her first track season. Plus, I think she is becoming the unofficial encourager of the team. She really enjoys standing at various places around the track and cheering her teammates as they try to do their best. It's pretty cool; I'm beginning to believe that encouragement is one of her spiritual gifts.

Cami had two (rather than three) games. They did not win either. Cami's team is 10u, but they don't have many, if any, 4th graders, while the teams we play have at least some. That experience is really noticeable on the field. However, the girls keep playing hard. The first game of the week saw Cami play catcher for an inning, and make her first contact while at bat. She hit a ball hard down the 1st base line, but it just went foul. In the second game she was a lot more involved. She was hit by a pitch and ended up scoring, and then hit a hard shot at the pitcher, who made a nice play on the ball, grabbing it right out of the air. Cami also pitched two innings. She struck out another girl, and fielded several balls, throwing a girl out at first. She was much improved over her first outing. It is clear to see that she is improving with every game, particularly with her pitching.

Griffin tried a shooting clinic at the Indiana Basketball Academy, on top of his normal session. He did a terrific job. His shot is getting better and better as his form continues to improve. My favorite part is when he looks at me with a little grin of pride when he does everything correct and the ball goes in. It is an affirmation that he is getting better.

More of the same in the week to come.

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