Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Family Update

This week brought more activities to the Knight household. Lexi had two tennis matches (with a third rained out). She is playing 1st doubles, and she and her partner won both of their matches 8-0. It is clear that Lexi has improved from last year, and it's cool that she is playing in matches that count now, rather than exhibition matches. Also, her team won both meets. To add to her schedule, she cheered at a football game after one of the matches.

Griffin's team lost 12-0. It was a tough game, and a bit of a step back. Griffin didn't carry the ball this week (a couple times his play was called, but stuff happened), but his blocking was pretty good. Also, no defense, as very few boys play both ways, unless there are problems or a big lead. He did recover a bad kick while playing kick-off return, though. We're looking forward to a good week of practice and a better overall game next Saturday.

Cami starts fall softball tomorrow. She has games on Saturdays, with a clinic from a former varsity coach thrown in one weekend as well (Trisha helped set that one up!). Cami is excited because she has a bunch of friends on her team, and her coach is a good guy.

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