Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Fall Seasons End

Lexi wrapped up the tennis season with a doubles match and a #3 singles match. She did not win either one, but did perform admirably, even taking her singles opponent to deuce 8 or 9 times during the final point. Overall, this (from my point of view) has been a very successful tennis season for Lexi. She definitely improved, both from a physical aspect and a mental aspect. Hopefully she plays next year, too. She also has two more football games to cheer at in the upcoming week, and that aspect of cheer is complete.

Griffin's team lost their playoff game 24-18, so the season has ended. However, the team played their most complete game of the year. They even stripped the ball with about 30 seconds remaining to give themselves one final chance to tie. They fought to the end, and made a bunch of good plays. Griffin was involved in multiple tackles, including a pretty good solo tackle on the edge, while playing cornerback. This was a very good season for Griffin. He really improved his aggressiveness, and overcame his hesitation when it came to hitting. He made multiple tackles, blocked well, and scored. I'm very proud of how he did. Next up is travel basketball.

Cami finished her fall softball season with a double-header, one loss and one tie (due to time constraints). She finished on a high note, walking once, striking out, and hitting an arching line drive into short right field for a stand up double. She also scored the tying run. She played 2nd, outfield, and pitched the last inning of the second game. She made a great play at pitcher; a ball was hit hard back at her, and she fielded it and made a great throw to 1st for the out. It was a good fall season, and I'm glad Cami had a chance to practice pitching more and to improve her hitting. She is growing in confidence.

Basketball is almost upon us all, but a brief respite awaits in the near future.

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