Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Basketball Update

Lexi continues to practice for her season, getting better every day. Additionally, the 7th grade boys team that she cheers for is currently undefeated and hasn't even been challenged, so that's fun as well.

Cami's team remains undefeated with a week to go in the regular season. She played another good game, getting some rebounds and playing defense. She also stole the ball on an inbounds play and took off on a fast break, just missing her shot. She is still having a good time.

Griffin's rec league season started this week, and his team won. He played tenacious defense and handled the ball well, too. He tied up several loose balls and got off a few shots (a small miracle because his league has 4-6th grades, and the older kids like to shoot). My favorite play was when he got a steal on the press, then turned and hit an 8 foot bank shot. It was a nice move.

Griffin's travel team games were a tale of two vastly different performances. They were blown out in the first game, and blew out the other team in the second. Griffin continues to be the defensive master and is very aggressive on the ball. He did get a couple of shots today (none fell), but his highlights came on defense. He created/caused numerous turnovers, and found himself on the floor after loose balls several times. He also fouled out in the second game, but it was due to his harassing his opponent and being aggressive trying to make steals.

More to come this week!

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