Sunday, February 19, 2017

We Have Another Champion!

Lexi had two basketball games this week; her team won one and lost one. Lexi played in both, quite a lot in the win. She didn't take any shots this week, but handled the ball well (no nervousness or indecisiveness) and played good defense. This upcoming week is the last week of the season, with two games and then a tournament.

In addition to playing basketball, Lexi also had Cheer Night, where the middle and high school cheerleaders did a series of routines during halftime of the varsity basketball game. This was the capstone to her cheer season. She had a great time and did really well. She's a natural encourager and loves to be in front of people. Tryouts for next year start in a couple of weeks.

The big news this week, though, is that Griffin's rec league team won the championship.They played two pretty good games, and saved the best performance of the weekend for the 4th quarter of the championship game, where they pulled away and sealed the game. Griffin played well in both games, taking several shots (none fell), including one off a rebound where he tried to get it over a 6 ft tall 6th grader. It wasn't blocked, but it didn't go in for him. Griffin made several hustle plays, where he saved a turnover for his team, or got the ball (steal or rebound) for his team. He played nice defense, as usual. My favorite play was when he made a little move and then drove to the basket. One of his travel coaches was sitting near me and was very complimentary of the play.

He's a champ (not sure why he's not smiling)

Cami had another volleyball practice. She has a tournament next Sunday. She is excited to get to compete again.

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