Saturday, May 13, 2017

Best Track Week Evah!

This week was the best track week ever for our family. To begin with, Lexi won four ribbons combined for her two meets. In the long jump, her distances started going back up, and she finished second and tied for second. During the first meet, she ran the 400m competitively for the first time. She had told me multiple times that she thought it was easier than the 200m, but I didn't really believe her. However, she blew us all away. She finished first, and kept a consistent pace throughout. Her coach told her she was 4 or 5 seconds off our middle school record. The crowd was really excited for her, and so was Lexi. She had set a goal to earn a first place ribbon and did so. During the second meet, she pushed through and finished in third, only a couple of seconds off her first time. As a result, she is going to run the 400m in the County meet (our version of a conference championship). She will also be competing in the long jump.

To add to our track meet, Cami and Griffin competed in the Youth Track Night, a sort of introductory event for elementary school kids. They both had a great time running the 100m and 200m, throwing the shot put (with a softball), and doing the long jump. They think they may compete on the middle school team next spring (our 5th graders are allowed to do that). In addition, they also had another basketball session, and did a great job.

This week, the County meet and basketball.

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