Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WILDSTORM: MICHAEL CRAY #2 by Bryan Hill - Book Review

From the publisher: Michael Cray hunts Oliver Queen…by making himself the prey. Stripped of his weapons and his newly formed team, Cray becomes the most dangerous game in Queen’s manufactured island, where the only law is survival. Queen has mastered his domain and the art of hunting men—Michael hasn’t mastered the tumor in his brain, and neither man is prepared for the extremity of the other…but only one will survive.

The first spinoff series of Warren Ellis’ hit reimagining of THE WILD STORM continues in MICHAEL CRAY #2. 

Bryan Hill continues his The Wild Storm spinoff with Michael Cray #2. This issue begins where #1 left off, with Cray, an assassin for IO, being assigned a hit on Oliver Queen, better known as the Green Arrow. In the meantime, Cray assembles a team and deals with a change he's undergoing on a cellular level, one which allows him to disintegrate objects with his hand. Eventually he confronts Queen, and a classic battle ensues.

I like this series, but it's not quite as insane as The Wild Storm. I am enjoying finding out more about Michael Cray, who appears like he may be a main player in The Wild Storm series, but with a lot of mystery about him. I believe that Bryan Hill is trying to peel back the layers on Cray a bit, and its working. Hill's Cray is grumpy and borderline unlikable, but he has a code about who he is willing to kill and who he's not. The Cray in The Wild Storm is very conflicted; Hill is providing some insight into how and why Cray is like that. As for Cray's team, to this point there isn't much we know about them. Cray's boss, Trelane, has less to do in this issue than the first.

One of the really interesting aspects to this series, at least to this part, is the appearance of some mainstream DC characters, in this case Oliver Queen, and another one hinted at for next issue. I'm curious as to how this will dovetail with the main DC universe, and whether this is an alternate Earth, if there are imposters running around, or some other explanation. This is something that has not been touched on in The Wild Storm, so I'm looking to Hill to expand on the concept. I feel like there is the potential for a lot of cool stories if the DC characters can be used. That would mean a bunch of high profile targets for Michael Cray.

I recommend Michael Cray #2 by Bryan Hill. It's a good read, and can be read without having read the first issue, but I try to pick it up anyway. This has the makings of a fun series.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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