Saturday, February 3, 2018

Another week, more games

This week saw all three kids play basketball games. Lexi was supposed to have 3 sets of games, but due to some sort of gym issue at another school, she only had two. In the first, the 7th grade lost and the 8th grade won. As has been the norm most of the year, Lexi played a bunch in the 7th grade game, shooting a couple of times and working hard on "D". In the 8th grade game, she did the best she could in her limited playing time. The second set of games had the oppositie result: the 7th grade won, the 8th grade lost. It was a typical night for Lexi. She played tough "D" and forced a couple of turnovers on the press. She took a couple of really good jump shots that just rimmed out. She even had some good ball-handling moments, dribbling behind her back to escape a defender once. She had just a bit of playing time in the 8th grade game, but played hard and did a good job. She has two more games this week.

Griffin's team played two games. The team won the first game by a good margin. Griffin played a bunch, and excelled on defense. He keeps causing havoc on the top of the press, and his man-to-man on the other team's quick point guard was really good. He had a couple of steals, including a nice one that led to him getting a fast break, then showing great ball control when the defender cut him off. He slowed down, brought the ball back out, and reset the offense. His coach was very complementary of that play, and his ball-handling in particular. The second game was more of the same. Another win, terrific defense, some rebounding. More games to come this week.

Cami had one game, which her team won in a blowout. She didn't score, but had a few good shots that just didn't fall. She handled the ball a little, and played good defense. At one point, she ran after a girl on a fast break and dribbled the ball our from under the opponent's hand. It was a nifty move. She has a couple of games this week, as well as another volleyball tournament.

Lexi's choir also had their competition this week. She sang one solo and earned a gold medal. She also was a part of two ensembles, winning one gold and one silver medal.

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