Wednesday, March 7, 2018

THE WILD STORM #12 by Warren Ellis - Book Review

From the publisher: Angela Spica, retooling her drysuit in Marlowe’s hidden lab, has made many discoveries. But she’s still her, which means she’s also stolen stuff. Is she going to lose the only safe haven she has? The Wild CAT is in jeopardy, IO and Skywatch are inches from a hot war, and somebody, somewhere, has noticed that Jackie King has been doing things she shouldn’t have. The stakes in the world of The Wild Storm have never been higher—and Project Thunderbook is going to make things much, much worse.

And here we go again. The Wild Storm #12 appears to be the half way point in the series (at least as marked on the covers of the books) and Warren Ellis has us in the middle of a wild and wacky story. Once again, this issue is just a small, incomplete piece of a much greater story.

A quick summary: IO begins their hack of Skywatch. Bendix and Skywatch want to relatiate. Cole Cash and his wild C.A.T. group attack a secret IO base and do some damage. Throw in lots of action and spying, and we have a full issue of The Wild Storm. Oh yeah, we are introduced to the concept of Operation Thunderbook (and was that the name Majestic I saw; maybe a tie-in to another old Wildstorm book?).

I really like this book. I also have very little idea of the overarching plan that Ellis is developing. Also, I'm okay with that. I like the characters, but as of right now there isn't a lot of depth being added. Hopefully that will happen in future issues, or maybe in some spin-offs. There are a ton of moving pieces and storylines that I'm hopeful will converge in a logical way, and having read plenty of Ellis books in the past, I'm confident his endgame will have been worth it.

In the meantime, I highly recommend The Wild Storm #12 by Warren Ellis. It's a cinematic blowout of an issue that pushes the plot (at least part of it) forward.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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