Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Dreaming #4 by Simon Spurrier - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: The Dreaming has a new master.

As its rightful steward, Lucien, wrestles with the slow decay of his mind, the realm of wonders slips into totalitarianism beneath the thunderous gavel of Judge Ezekiel Gallows.

But as the gates are fortified and the citizens terrorized by a foul new form of execution, something far greater and more terrifying slouches toward the Dreaming to be born.

With nowhere else to turn, it’s time to seek the counsel of the Endless...

With The Dreaming #4, Simon Spurrier begins to make some headway. There are several stories going on in the issue, and it appears that they may all converge soon. First, Cain has leapt into the chasm that appeared in The Dreaming, and has a revealing conversation with an as-yet-unknown character. There is some interesting depth to this dialogue, as Cain is forced to take a hard look at his past. Elsewhere, Judge Gallows is conducting a public execution in order to cement his rule by fear. Yet, when Lucien shows him to the gallery of the Endless, they notice a strange occurrence: a new Endless is being created. (This might be my favorite thing in this new series so far, because it reminds me of the type of thing Gaiman did in Sandman). Finally, Dora and Matthew the Raven decide to make a run for it, and where they end up may have longer term consequences in the realms of the Endless.

More than any other issues of The Dreaming to this point, I really enjoyed #4. And the reason is pretty simple: it has more of what made the Sandman so great. Spurrier is beginning to connect the threads of his story (which is still in its early stages, I know) to the greater mythology that exists in the world of the Sandman. And if my first guesses as to what the end of this issue mean are correct, we could be heading towards an epic Sandman-type story, more in the vein of how Dream died and a new Dream assumed the title. If that is indeed the case, or even if it's only partly right, then The Dreaming may shoot right up to the top of my To Be Read pile.

I highly recommend The Dreaming #4 by Simon Spurrier. Longtime Sandman/Endless fans will find a lot to like in this issue. I'm now anxiously awaiting issue #5.

I received a preview copy of this book from Vertigo and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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