Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Batman/Superman #4 by Joshua Williamson - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Even from prison, the Batman Who Laughs is staying two steps ahead of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. His plan to infect heroes and turn them into the Dark Multiverse versions of themselves is starting to build steam, with Shazam and others already succumbing to his evil toxin. Batman and Superman are racing the clock to prevent the other three members of the Secret Six from being poisoned, but they realize they are too late when those three come looking for them instead-one of whom is a lot closer to Superman than expected and itching for a fight!

Batman/Superman #4 by Joshua Williamson picks up right on the heels of issue #3. Blue Beetle is now one of the infected, or the Sinister Six, and his armor is taking over the Fortress. Batman and Superman are on their own to try and stop The Batman Who Laughs from executing his plan, which is nearly complete. He merely needs Superman to turn back infected and he will be able to execute his plan: infect the entire world. However, our heroes have a plan to stop him at the expense of themselves. They appear to have a handle on things when everything goes sideways and an ally becomes an infected.

This was an exciting issue, as Williamson keeps the action flowing and the plot moving forward. There are lots of moving pieces of The Batman Who Laughs's plan, but they all seem to be lining up. By the time the issue ends, I'm not quite sure how Batman and Superman will be able to stop this villain, nor what exactly is going to happen with the Sinister Six characters after this series ends. After all, they are all heroes and some even star in their own books. I would expect a lot of fallout from what is going on with The Batman Who Laughs and his plot to turn Earth into a hellhole. Just how long term the affects may be remains to be seen. Character development is minimal, at least right now, but that doesn't seem to be the point of this story. However, some of the Six are confessing what sound like deep feelings of frustration and anger with Batman and Superman.

Batman/Superman has been a fun, bombastic series so far. It is heavy on the action, which I enjoy in this type of comic. Joshua Williamson is spinning an intriguing story, one in which I'm not certain how things will turn out. To that end, I would recommend Batman/Superman #4. Fans of Batman, Superman, and all things Dark Multiverse should be entertained.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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