Wednesday, December 18, 2019

FLASH FORWARD #4 by Scott Lobdell - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: On Wally West’s journey into the depths of the Multiverse, he’s run across vampires and hellhounds and his own ghosts from the past...but nothing has prepared him for this next stop on his journey. In this issue, the mysterious world that is causing the Dark Multiverse to bleed into our own will be revealed, and you will not believe what connection it has to the Fastest Man Alive...

What I really love about Flash Forward is Wally West's quest for redemption, and his hope that he might restore his family. Scott Lobdell's Flash Forward #4 does a fine job of moving this story forward. With each stop to save another part of the Multiverse from the essence of the Dark Multiverse, Wally is learning a little more. He is also meeting doppelgangers of people he knows (or in Roy Harper's case, knew) back home. This issue isn't any different, although this time, instead of saving one Earth, Wally has to save two. And assisting him is a speedster version of Linda Park, otherwise known as Wally's wife. Wally is again forced to confront what happened to him and what he caused to happen, helping him with the grieving and healing process. And once again, the readers get a quick glimpse of Wally's (now non-existent) twins, who appear to be aware that they aren't where they are meant to be. Meanwhile, there are more hints that there is more to Tempus Fugit and the mission he's given Wally than we currently know.

There is a bit of A Christmas Carol feel to Flash Forward, as Wally is going from Earth to Earth in an attempt to save himself (and the Multiverse). I like the redemption story because, as I've said before, I like Wally and think DC has given him a raw deal since the New 52. He deserves some good in his life, and hope, because he is a hopeful character. I'm trusting Lobdell with the story he's telling, but I will be very disappointed if something good doesn't come out of this series for Wally. With many other heroes having their pasts restored, he should have his back, too, even if he still needs to atone for his actions in Heroes in Crisis.

Overall, I would recommend Flash Forward #4 by Scott Lobdell. It is a good book and keeps Wally West moving forward. At this point, I wouldn't recommend it as a starting spot, but with two issues to go, if you are curious, you could pick up the back issues and get caught up quickly.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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