Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Leviathan Dawn #1 by Brian Michael Bendis - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Exploding out of the pages of the Event Leviathan miniseries, this all-new special blasts the DC Universe into a dangerous and brave new future! With Leviathan arrived, its leader’s identity revealed, and its plans known, what happens next? Now the heroes fight back! Leviathan changed the rules of the game, so now’s the time for the biggest players to get together and figure out a new strategy in this brave new world. It’s an extra-sized super-spy yarn from the Eisner Award-winning team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev!

I wasn't really impressed with Event Leviathan, Brian Michael Bendis's limited series that expanded on the Leviathan storyline that began in the Superman comics, and introduced both the character of Leviathan and the consequences of his group's takedown of all the major spy-like organizations in the DC Universe. However, when Leviathan was unmasked and his motivations were made known, the series just sort of petered out for me.

Leviathan Dawn #1, on the other hand, is more of what I was expecting. The storyline jumps back and forth between Leviathan (the man) and Leviathan (the group) coming to terms with what they started and pushing the master plan forward. Elsewhere, Steve Trevor is both rescued and recruited by Kingsley Jacobs, a mysterious man who has tasked Trevor with putting together a team from some of the other heroes and villains that Leviathan attempted to remove during his quest for power. They include Manhunter, Green Arrow, Mr. Bones, Talia Al Ghul, Lois Lane, and the Question. Together with Jacobs, they are forming the new Checkmate, a group who is determined to take down Leviathan. There is only one problem: Leviathan is now a legitimate group (I won't reveal how this happens), and any direct attack on them is likely to cause bigger problems than anyone cares to deal with.

I'm not sure what the next step for the Leviathan story is. I haven't heard whether it and he will receive their own series, if Checkmate will get a series, or if this story will be written into an existing book. What I do know is that Bendis just made things interesting for me. One covert group looking to take down a formerly covert, now globally recognized, group has all the makings of a fun read. I hope the focus remains on the spy shenanigans and the characterization and development of the various characters. Throw in Bendis's snappy dialogue, and I'm in.

I would recommend Leviathan Dawn #1 by Brian Michael Bendis to fans of covert, spy stories. This feels like it is built for Bendis's wheelhouse and I'm willing to go along for the ride.

I received a preview of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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