Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Science Fair Adventure

Last Saturday, Lexi participated in the Regional Science Fair.  It was held at Marian University, in Indianapolis.  She qualified for this by finishing first in her age group (1st Grade) at school.  We took the whole family to Marian, helped her set up, and then waited several hours while she and 300+ others were judged on content and presentation, etc.  Lexi's project was on food decay.  She left a strawberry, a piece of Italian bread, and a cheese out in the open air, and determined which would rot first.  She hypothesized strawberry, and was right by a landslide.  In fact, the bread just turned hard, and the cheese stick took a long time to even develop mold (I'm not sure I want to eat processed cheese sticks anymore).  She took pictures everyday, then made observations.  She made a cool poster and a scrapbook for her project.  She didn't place at the Regional Science Fair, but it was a cool experience for her.  We also let her know how proud of her we were for her hard work on the project.  P.S.  By the time of the Regional Science Fair, the strawberry had more hair than I do.

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