Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review - Remember Why You Play

I just finished reading David Thomas's Remember Why You Play.  It is the true story of the Faith Christian High School (Texas) Lions football team.  The book chronicles coach Kris Hogan and the Lions during the 2007 season and their quest to win a state championship.  Coach Hogan is a strong Christian man and he holds his players to a high level of accountability.  His philosophy is not the norm as far as football coaches go.  It's a pretty cool story, and it's neat to trace the season unfolding for the boys.  The centerpiece of the book, though, is a game from the 2008 season.  Faith played Gainesville State school, a juvenile detention facility.  Coach Hogan and the Faith family set out to show God's love to 14 incarcerated young men, and what happened changed lives.  I started to tear up as I read the description of the Faith fans forming a spirit tunnel for Gainseville State to run through to start the game.  In fact, this game and the events surrounding it, are being turned into a movie called One Heart that is due to be out this fall.  I can't wait.  Also, two years ago I had the opportunity to hear Coach Hogan speak at a football coaching/character coaching/leadership coaching clinic.  He told the story of the game, and it was amazing to hear it first hand.  I highly recommend this book, particularly to coaches, players, and parents of players.  You will be stunned at what a simple gesture can accomplish.

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