Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and After

We had a fun Thanksgiving at the Dufeks', with all but the Reddys in attendance.  The kids were kids, goofing around and painting Christmas ornaments.  The food was delicious.  The football was entertaining.  Eli Dufek (age 3 1/2) has become my new buddy.  He also likes wearing purses as hats, apparently.
Eli is a cowboy.

Our kids spent the night with Tom and Donna, so Trisha and I could enjoy some Black Friday shopping.  I hit Walmart at 10 p.m. and other than the crowds around the movies and video games, everything was relatively easy.  Friday morning, we picked up Dianna and headed out to find deals (although we weren't looking for any big ticket items).  We found good deals on some movies, cd's, clothes, and games.  I also participated in my now annual wait in line for a gift card at Half Price Books.  By noon, we were done, having laughed and shopped for around 7 hours.  We ate lunch with the kids and then brought them home so we could nap.  Friday evening we broke out the Christmas decorations and started our official Christmas decorating.  I even strung up new icicle lights on the house.  The kids are very excited (understatement of the year) about putting the ornaments on the tree.
This is the house lights version of Charlie Brown's sad little Christmas tree.
Enjoy the Christmas season.

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