Friday, August 10, 2012

Early Kindergarten Update

Last night, the kids and I attended Meet the Teacher Night at the elementary school.  Lexi proudly showed us her room (her teacher is the wife of a former player of mine).  Then we trekked to see Cami and Griffin's room.  They gave us the grand tour, and explained many words and stations to me.  While we were there, a little girl waved and said, "Hi, Griffin."  I could barely get him to respond, and he said he didn't know her name (Cami did).  Today he told me, "A girl from my class kissed me, but not on the cheek."  I started to get nervous.  "Where did she kiss you?" I asked.  "Like this," he said, and motioned blowing a kiss.  I asked who it was and he said, "Remember the girl who said hi to me?  She did it on the second day."  We talked about being nice to everyone, but not kissing people who aren't related to you.  Then Griffin stated, "The Bible says to love everyone."  I couldn't argue with that.

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