Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday (and Birthday) Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the last regular season game for Griffin (and Cami).  Griffin's team tied.  He has made a ton of improvement and is starting to find the ball quicker.  He has been able to pursue the ball carrier and nearly grabbed a flag.  They are now in a single elimination tournament that will end some time this week.

Lexi's team won their first playoff game, so she will have another to cheer for this week.  She also has her last two softball games of the fall season today.

Yesterday, the twins had their "friend" birthday party, which got moved from Friday to Saturday due to Cami getting strep throat for the second time this month.  The kids had friends over for pizza and cupcakes after the football games, and then we went bowling.  It was a fun time, and it was entertaining watching the little ones throw the ball (or gently nudge it and hope the laws of physics kept working, in Cami's case).  Enjoy the videos of the twins.

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