Sunday, September 9, 2012

Softball Season (fall version)

Today was Lexi's first day of fall softball double-headers.  For the next several Sundays, she'll be working on improving her skills (we've already noticed some improvements just in practice).  She has some great coaches and a team of girls, nearly all of whom she did not know.  It's fun to watch her interact when there are no preconceived ideas about her or girls she wants to impress.  Anyway, she had a good start, getting a hit in the first game and eventually scoring a run.  She also shocked us by asking to play catcher one inning.  She then played shortstop, second base, and outfield.  She had a great time pitching "invisible" softballs to her teammates and then chasing them down during the break in-between games, as well.  She was also very involved in the dugout chants that seem to be so much a part of softball games.  She is number 6.  Her first comment was, "That's what my brother and sister are going to be turning".  I had to remind her it was her daddy's number, too.  She said, "Oh, yeah."  Oh, well.

The Tools of Ignorance

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