Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Hero's Throne by Ross Lawhead - Book Review

About a year and half ago I read the first book in the Ancient Earth Trilogy. It was pretty good and it had me looking forward to book to.  When I had the chance to review A Hero's Throne, I jumped at it.  I'm glad I did, but I have mixed feelings.

This book picks up eight years after the events of The Realms Thereunder.  Daniel and Freya are both trying to move on with their lives, but they are once again called to battle the forces of Gad in the underground city of Nidergeard, beneath Britain.  They are reunited with Alex and Ecgbryt, one of Easdstan's Sleeping Knights.  As before, Lawhead incorporates the ancient myths of the British Isles into the story of Daniel and Freya's quests. 

The story concerns Daniel's growing confidence and willingness to fight and Freya's doubts about the legitimacy of what they are doing.  Alex and Ecgbryt are attempting to wake the other Sleeping Knights to assist in the freeing of Nidergeard, which has been invaded since the last book. In addition to these, we are given some insight, or at least glimpses, into why and how Ealdstan created Nidergeard and the Sleeping Knights.  Also, there are short episodes where children come into contact with the mythical creatures breaking through into our realm (giants, mermaids, trolls, etc.).

I liked the book, but not nearly as much as the first book.  The side stories were way more interesting than those of Daniel and Freya.  In fact, much of Daniel's story takes place in Elfland and references events that I had no knowledge of.  It seemed like there was another book or short story that I missed.  I also don't feel like A Hero's Throne advanced the overall story much at all.  It was not much of a "bridge" as is typical for the middle book of a trilogy.

I would still recommend this book, and will read the third when it comes out.  Just don't be disappointed when it doesn't match its predecessor.

A received a copy of this book as part of the Booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review.

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