Saturday, February 23, 2013

Upward Update, and such

Griffin has kept his made basket streak going, as he hit one last week and this week.  Today's shot was a nice bank shot from a couple of feet away, on a putback of a teammate's miss.

Lexi's team keeps winning.  She is getting shots off, but they aren't going in yet.  She has learned how to set a great screen.  She has also done a nice job of running the point when it has been her turn.

Cami and Lexi also participated in the Softball Clinic held at the high school.  They practiced fielding, throwing, sliding, and hitting.  They are gearing up for softball, which should start in about a month.

Finally, Cami is starting a round of gymnastics this week, since she didn't do basketball or cheerleading this winter.

Two more weeks of Upward!

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