Sunday, August 18, 2013

Game 2 of the Football Season

Game #2 of the football season came after a very busy week.  Lexi had Spell Bowl practice, there were two football practices, a cheer practice, and Lexi's first piano lesson.  The Saturday games topped off the week.
Lexi's team won again, and she cheered well.  She is clearly the loudest on the team, and is a good leader for the rest of the girls.

Griffin's team lost again, but there was improvement.  They scored two touchdowns and forced the other team to turn the ball over on downs a couple of times.  Griffin had 1 1/2 flags pulled (he thinks it was 3) and ran once for negative yards.  To be fair, its hard to gain any yards when the most of the linemen aren't very good blockers yet.  He also played OL for a couple of series and blocked well.  Cami cheered hard, and then changed out of her uniform as fast as possible because "it's itchy!"

Griffin and Cami have their next game on Monday, followed by all the kids having a Saturday game.

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