Sunday, August 11, 2013

Start of the Youth Football Season

Yesterday we spent about 3 hours at Eastern Hancock celebrating the start of the football season with our kids.  Each of the EH teams scrimmaged each other, leading up to the varsity scrimmage.  Trisha, with help from Dianna, is coaching Lexi and Cami's cheer squads.  The girls did a great job showing spirit in spite of the heat.

Griffin is enjoying being one of the "big" kids on his team this year.  He is playing wing back on offense and outside linebacker on defense.  He is much improved over last year, showing wonderful aggressiveness on D, and blocking and carrying the ball from time to time.  His confidence is off-the-charts, which is fun to see.  During yesterday's game, he grabbed 3 flags (his first ever) and carried the ball once for about  5 yards.  Unfortunately, his team lost, but they played hard.  I'm having fun being an assistant coach on the team, as well.

Griffin on the far left in white, #3, lining up on defense

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