Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Update

Saturday, Griffin played in his first 3-on-3 tournament. His team came in second (out of 2).  He and his buddies (three 1st graders and a 5 yr old) lost to a team of 2nd graders.  It was a good learning experience, though.  Griffin realized he needed to be a little more aggressive.  Also, I think the boys struggled with the different format of playing half-court.  It was fun to watch him play and he was all smiles.

Lexi attended her first church retreat, something called CIY Superstart.  Lots of 4th-6th graders from our church gathered together with others from around the Indy area to learn that they are treasured by God.  It was a nice Friday night-Saturday afternoon program, with the kids sleeping at our church.  Trisha went along as a van driver and said it was a good time.

Cami got into the action on Friday when she rode the school bus home with a friend (1st time riding for anything other than a field trip).  She spent the afternoon and evening hanging out and being girly.

Finally, Griffin pulled out a tooth at school and was very excited to get a tooth necklace to keep the tooth in.

Me, I just finished giving the first round of state testing to my very unexcited students.

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