Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winter Jam 2014

So the Knight family started Spring Break with a night at Winter Jam 2014.  Top to bottom, it had the best line-up of any of these types of concerts we've been to.  The nights favorites included Thousand Foot Krutch (check out their video below), who's songs Lexi sang with them; Lecrae, who brought rap and preaching and mixed them together (check out his video below, too); The Newsboys, who still put on a just as good of a show as when I saw them 20 years ago (the drum kit went vertical, then horizontal, and then spun during their cover of Jesus Freak).  Special mention goes to Tenth Avenue North, who were freshmen while Trisha was in grad school at PBA, and Colton Dixon (a former American Idol contestant), who's poster Lexi is now a proud owner of. 

If you like concerts and great deals, I highly recommend both Winter Jam and Rock and Worship Roadshow.  We sure have a great time at them.
Photo: Rockin it out w/ the fam @ winter jam!!!
Rockin' at Winter Jam
This is "Let the Sparks Fly", by Thousand Foot Krutch.

This is "I Know", by Lecrae.

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