Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Fall Sports

Lexi had two tennis matches this week, losing both. She really enjoyed the second match, though, even though she and her partner were beaten badly. She said it was fun because she was getting her serve in and there were some long volleys. Love to hear her excitement and seeing her improve.

Cami had one mid-week game, and one Saturday rain-out. In the game she played, she had two hits and two RBIs. She said it was fun. This fall season has been great for her skills and her confidence.

Griffin's team lost to the best team in the league, but played them extremely tough, scoring more points on them than anyone else. Griffin is still getting used to hitting, and made some strides during the second half. His regular season ends next Saturday, and then there are the playoffs.

We wrapped up the week by going to the Indy Eleven NASL soccer match. We had great seats and a lot of fun.

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