Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nearing the Sporting End

Lexi had two tennis matches last week. She and her partner lost the first one, but one the second one in pretty convincing fashion. The tennis season ends this week. In the meantime, we still have cheerleading to support Lexi in.

Cami's last softball game with postponed, and then canceled, so her fall season is over. She had a good time, and showed improvement, especially at the plate.

Griffin's team won 20-6, to finish the regular season at 3-5. He played a bunch, at both linebacker and running back. He got to carry the ball once, but couldn't quite break a tackle. He was involved in a few tackle piles, also. His playoffs start on Monday, against the team he just beat. We will play Tuesday, and then Wednesday as long as we keep winning.

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