Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Success Continues

For the third week in row, Griffin's team was victorious, this time 26-12 (it wasn't that close). The offense put together two good drives, with Griffin taking the plays in at reciever. The defense was outstanding. We recovered 4 turnovers, with an interception and a fumble being returned for touchdowns. Griffin continues to get better at cornerback. He was in on a tackle, but his best play came when he squared the runner up and tackled him head-on. It was a good play by him, particularly because Griffin was more aggressive. There is a tough challenge ahead next Saturday as the team looks to continue to improve.

Lexi continues to cheer for a powerhouse team. They won 49-0 this week. She'll cheer again this week. Lexi is also attending the basketball open gym sessions in order to improve and to show the coaches her commitment to basketball.

Cami continues volleyball practice (I was wrong about her having a game this past week). Her first match is in a couple of weeks. Cami has set a goal for herself to serve the ball overhand and get it over the net. She's working really hard to accomplish that.

More of the same for the Knights this upcoming week.

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