Sunday, December 10, 2017

Games, Games, Games

Griffin had his first official "school" game this week. They lost (they played a 6th grade B team), but Griffin did a nice job. He hustled on defense, made some good passes, took a shot, and made the most of his playing time. He has another school game this week. In the travel league, the team won both games. He didn't play a bunch, but did make an impact. His defense was good in the first game, but excellent in the second; he played at the top of the press and forced a 10 second violation. He made a nice drive in the first game and was fouled; he made one free throw but landed over the line so it didn't count. In the second game, he made a great drive from the left wing (off a nice pass) and made a layup. Two more travel games next week.

Cami's rec team lost a close one. She didn't score, but did draw a foul and two free throws on a nice fast break (the first shot rolled off). She had 4 or 5 rebounds, several steals, at least one deflection, and a deflected shot on a girl much taller than her, all while having a sprained thumb. Next week is her tournament and the end of rec season, with the school team starting soon after. Cami is also getting ready to start club volleyball in a few weeks, after participating in an evaluation last week.

Lexi continues to juggle basketball and cheer. She had one cheer game this past week (two this upcoming week), and multiple basketball practices. She was also chosen (along with a few other girls) to participate in a controlled practice/scrimmage with another school. She did a nice job. Her first games are in a little more than a week, and we're all looking forward to seeing how she does.

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