Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Wild Storm #10 by Warren Ellis - Book Review

From the publisher: The WildCAT and Jackie King at IO are planning elaborate heists. One heist could save the world. One could end it. And there’s no guarantee that either the CAT or Jackie and her team will get out of their respective capers alive. And IO director Miles Craven is distracted by many troubles and questions, including: What was Project Thunderbook? 

The Wild Storm #10 is another piece in the interesting story the Warren Ellis is telling. Once again, we are given bits and pieces of the bigger picture. In this current issue, Cole Cash and his WildCAT team are trying to figure out how to gain access to IO headquarters using their various talents and abilities. The folks at IO, including Jackie King, are trying to figure out how to infiltrate Skywatch. In addition, more characters from the history of Stormwatch/The Authority make an appearance, including one of my favorites, Jack Hawksmoor.

I really want to be able to review this as an individual issue, but Ellis’s writing and story prohibit that. He just keeps adding bits and pieces to a greater whole, which makes it hard to evaluate each individual chapter. However, this is not a criticism, more an observation that it appears The Wild Storm might be one of those books best read as a whole. Unfortunately, I’m not patient enough to wait for the collected series, so I’m left trying to assemble each part in my mind as I read. And thanks to Ellis, I’m having a blast, because he is fantastic at telling big, weird, stories with huge stakes while still providing enough characterization for each hero and villain to put meat on the bones of his story, providing a lot of depth.

I’m also really enjoying seeing how Ellis is able to bring multiple characters from Wild Storm’s past into the present book. Each new addition is a nice wink to longtime readers, but the roles the characters play are not any any way just fan service. I can hardly wait to see the finished project and where the Wild Storm universe stands at the end of Ellis’s story.

Once again, I highly recommend The Wild Storm, in particular issue #10. Warren Ellis is in the middle of a fun and entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any fans of Ellis or the old Wild Storm line of comics. I would caution new readers about the complexity of the current story line. This issue may not be the best place to jump in.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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