Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Michael Cray #8 by Bryan Hill - Book Review

From the publisher: Constantine and Diana Prince promise Michael they can help free him from the alien consciousness growing inside him, but in order for them to help, Cray must keep them both alive...protecting them from his former team as Trelane aims war at them all. How far is Cray willing to go to rid himself of the thing festering inside his mind? And how far will that alien inside Cray go to protect itself?

Finally, Michael Cray begins to pick up steam. Bryan Hill uses issue #8 to ramp things up, and rather than the villain of the month, we get a piece of the bigger story. Cray and Constantine face off, with Constantine telling Cray that he can help him to get rid of the "alien" voice/presence in his mind. Meanwhile, that voice wants Cray to turn over total control to it. Diana Prince begins to reveal her plan, and Trelane fears she may have lost Cray for good.

This was a terrific issue of Michael Cray. I felt like Hill began to pull back the curtain on what is really going on, and give readers a glimpse of the bigger story. The conflict between Cray and his inner voice points towards interesting future developments. Diana and Constantine, rather than being killed right away like the other familiar faces in past issues, promise to play major roles in the story to come. And for once, Trelane and company might actually be the sympathetic group.

Much like in past issues, I still don't know just what is going on overall, but Hill is starting to pull threads together. With only a handful of issues left (according to what I've read), the action should continue to run at a breakneck pace. I recommend Michael Cray #8 by Bryan Hill, but if you haven't been reading it so far, this is definitely not the place to start.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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