Wednesday, June 20, 2018

THE MAN OF STEEL #4 by Brian Michael Bendis - Book Review

From the publisher: Rogol Zaar has committed a string of atrocities across the cosmos that have led him to the Fortress of Solitude—and now Superman and Supergirl plan to crush his schemes! But are even two Kryptonians enough to stop his sinister machinations?

The Man of Steel #4 by Brian Michael Bendis finally brings readers what they've been waiting for: a battle between Rogol Zaar, the person who destroyed Krypton, and Superman, with a little help from Supergirl. Most of the issue is taken up with this battle, but there are some strange juxtapositions with Lois and Jon in the midst of the battle.

I liked this issue better than the previous couple, but that's probably because the waiting ended. This story has been building toward a fight, and this is where it happens. Rogol Zaar is an interesting villain, but at this point, he isn't joining the pantheon of great Superman villains. However, he is a powerful foe, and I'm sure there will be several more battles before this arc ends.

To me, the most interesting storyline in The Man of Steel is why Lois and Jon aren't with Superman. There have just been hints about something being "off", with Lois and Jon out of Superman's life for some reason. In this current issue, there are a couple of strange scenes where dialogue between the three is taking place during the fight with Zaar. I'm now wondering is some part of this is happening in Superman's head, or if there is a flashback of some sort going on. Also, there is no mention of the fires in Metropolis at all in this issue, after having them play a somewhat large role in previous issues. I'm counting on Bendis to bring all these things together in an ending that is satisfying and makes sense. He's got two more issues to go.

I would recommend The Man of Steel #4 by Brian Michael Bendis. This is the best of the story so far, but is definitely not a good starting point. Superman fans should be looking to read this series.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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