Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Michael Cray #12 by Bryan Hill - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Michael Cray carries an alien intelligence in his mind. Diana Prince seeks an apocalypse. John Constantine wants to control them both. In Greece, death will find them all in the explosive conclusion to THE WILD STORM: MICHAEL CRAY. 

Michael Cray #12 brings us to the conclusion of Bryan Hill's series, and it is an actual conclusion, not just a set-up for another series. Over the second half of the series, Hill has been building to a confrontation between Cray and the duo of Constantine and Diana Prince. This issue delivers that confrontation, but not necessarily how the reader might have thought it would go. Cray has also had to deal with the alien that has developed a symbiotic relationship with him, constantly encouraging Cray to kill. We get to see a resolution to that conflict, as well.

I want to look at Michael Cray #12 as a single issue capping a series, and as a part of a full story (I'll try to distinguish, as that statement might seem redundant). As a single, concluding issue to a series, this issue was great. All of the characters had their story arcs resolved, the major crisis was confronted, and the story that spanned 12 issues was wrapped up satisfactorily. Hill stuck the landing (although to me, it was a bit anti-climactic).

As a part of whole story, it was okay, but that's more about the series as a whole. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with Michael Cray. It started with a lot of promise, with Cray confronting the thing in his head and a twisted DC hero in a sort of villain of the week format. Halfway through, the series took a right turn and became something else. Looking back on it, I don't really see how those early issues did anything for the overall story. The main arc (Cray vs. Constantine and Prince) could have been told without any knowledge of Cray's encounters with Flash, Green Arrow, or Aquaman. The early issues also played up Cray's association with I.O. and Trelane, but they quickly fell into the background, as did Cray's team. Even the alien in Cray's head didn't seem to be developed that much (I'm would expect backstory at some point). It just wasn't super engaging as a series, which is disappointing because I'm really enjoying The Wild Storm, the series Michael Cray was a spin-off from.

So overall, Michael Cray #12 by Bryan Hill was a fine conclusion to this series. However, as regards the series as a whole, I just give it an average rating. Michael Cray will have its fans, but I feel like there was more there that could have been done with the concept.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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